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Shared Visions - LP

"With its throttling rhythms, rock swagger, prog flair and technical proficiency, Gyre‘s 'Shared Visions' is an eclectic metal tour de force.  The New Jersey trio’s full-length debut combines the best elements of modern metal and rock." - Svbterranean

Moirai - EP

"This is metal as it should be - vital, invigorating and played with passion and precision, and if you consider yourself to be a fan of extreme music, then Gyre are a more-or-less essential addition to your collection.  Endlessly impressive, 'Moirai' is one of the best records I have had the pleasure of reviewing so far this year."                                                               - June, 2015

Second Circle - EP

"Are you in the mood for something that is both heavy and melodic... tribal, and just the right mix of catchy and tech... I know I say it all the time, but I can't emphasize it enough: SONGWRITING IS EVERYTHING.  And all evidence suggests that these dudes know how to write a song."                                                                                     - July, 2013

Gyre - EP

"This is what progressive metal should be like.  Not necessarily sound like, but be, in that Jersey's Gyre combine a variety of riff styles, stellar musicianship, an exploratory sense of adventure, and a desire to push limits."                   

                                                                         Decibel - November, 2012

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